Jimmy Twin phenomenon (Jaime Fernández Sanchez-Seco) has been one of the best appearances in the spanish harder styles in the last years. Jimmy Twin´s style is unique. Apart from moving and jumping to animate people during the show, his music mixes the loudest raw kicks with hardcore and uptempo sounds, a combination that makes the crowd go insane.  The proof of it is his first production “I’m motherfucking hard”, which brings the madness in every Jimmy’s set.

Jimmy Twin is resident of the best hardstyle session in Spain, “150”, which it is celebrated in FABRIK, one of the best clubs in the world (DJ MAG’s 2018 poll, nº 37). Since its first performances in Groove Dance Club in 2011, Jimmy Twin has played in some of the best clubs in Madrid: Riviera, Pirandello or Marco Aldany have seen the loud kicks of his music.

Do not say hard, say Jimmy Twin.

Country SPAIN