Young but talented, he has been working in the shadows for many years.

At age of 15, he began to be professionally trained at the electronic music school, «Artist At Work» where he learned DJing and producing dance music.


For many years, he had clearly thought about his future. When he was only four or five years, he started to listen to all types of music and to feel amazing and different sensations with “Remember” sounds and especially, with Hardstyle music.


He always followed his own path, working hard with enthusiasm and above all, with a huge passion for music.


With only 18 years, he has debuted in clubs like The Culture Club, Blackstar, Scirocco, Jowke or Fabrik. In addition, his first gig was in ‘Amanecer Bailando Festival’ in the Misa Stage.


He is currently working in Madrid Hardstyle, one of the best hardstyle record label in Spain. There, he released his last track ‘La Última’, reviewed in the magazine DJ MAG SPAIN.


Nowadays, at 19 years old, he works as a radio announcer in UNIKA FM making programs such as, ‘Mucho más que dance’, ‘La Caña de España’ and ‘I Love Hardstyle’.

Furthermore, he is still working on new musical projects that will be released soon and  playing in clubs as Jowke (Rewind) or Fabrik (150).

Country SPAIN