Businessman, speaker, presenter, composer, producer and of course, deejay. In the last 12 years he has been devoted exclusively to the music dance, techno-progressive and hardstyle. He began his career in 1985 and he learned to play at the legendary Disco Bar Anclas, which remains open today.

As a DJ he has shared stage with all the great spanish artists and he has performed in recent years in the most important festivals of dance music: La Caña de España, Aniverdance, Techno House Festival, Megapanic, MISA…

He has shared sets and stage with important international figures like Cee Kay, Pulsedriver, Quicksilver, Safri Duo, Dj Liberty, Murphy Brown, DJ Zany, Front 242, Jessy, Tyna Cousins, Dj Guiver, Lady Dana, Dj Duro Dj Pavo, Dj Moon , The Prophet, Brennan and Heart, Technobly, Max BGrant, Express Viviana, Danielle Mondello, Dj Pila, Dj Tatanka, Vortex, Blutonium Boy, Ziggy X, Dj Neo, Alphaverb, Kevin Kaos, Showtec, D-Block & S-te -fan, Dj Vortex Zatox Dj, Dj Isaac, Super Marco May, Bruno Power, Stephy, Deepack, Flarup, Davide Sonar, Dozer, Francesco Zeta, Wildstylez, Nolsecontrollers, Scope Dj, Frontliner, Josh & Wesz, etc …

And of course he has acted in the best clubs in Spain: Radical, Groove, Attica, Privilege, Arena, Kapital, Fabrik, Xcandalo, Paladium, Macumba, Riviera, etc.

Nowadays, he is the manager of the best radio station in Madrid – UNIKA FM (103.0 FM) – where he also presents the program «Clásicos de la fiesta» (every Thursday from 00:00 to 02:00) and «I Love Hardstyle» (every Friday from 00: 00 to 02:00), he is the official promoter of the hardstyle sessions in Groove Dance Club and he also continue creating his own productions like «In Base», «El Viento» and his latest «Esta es la música» with his friend Bruno Power.

At December of 2014, Vicente One More Time is recognized as the Best National Hardstyle Artist by the Vicious Music Awards, in a time that this tendency of electronic music is returning to Spain and it seems that is going to be for a long time.
Besides music industry, Vicente One More Time has been dedicated also to television.

He has worked on TVE at “Musica Sí”, program hosted by Dj Neil. He presented a weekly section with features filmed by himself in Africa, where he got infiltrated in different tribes in order to make them dance and dance with them. This section was named as “Buscando Música”.

Country España
Releases 2001 - Best maxi single progressive in Spain by DJ1 magazine: "Musika".
2003 - Best theme progressive in Spain by DJ1 magazine: Yambo Remix.
2003 - Best National DJ career as a magazine Deejay Magazine.
2014 – Best Hardstyle Artist in Spain By Vicious Music Awards